Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them.

Vishruti Patel

Vishruti Patel

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  • Fashion is a form of self-expression and autonomy at a particular period and place and in a specific context, of clothing, footwear, lifestyle, accessories, makeup, hairstyle, and body posture.
  • Fashion has the ability to change and shape lives through its personal connection to us all.
  • The four basic ingredients or elements of design used in fashion are shape or silhouette, line, color and texture.

10 interesting facts about fashion:

  • 1. 100 Billion Items of Clothing Are Produced Each Year.
  • 2. The Target Audience for Fast Fashion Retailers Is Largely Consumers Aged 18 to 24.
  • 3. The Average Person Only Wears 20% of Their Clothes 80% of the Time.
  • 4. Fast Fashion Companies Generate More Pollution Than International Aviation and Shipping Combined.
  • 5. The Fashion Industry Consumes Around 93 Billion Cubic Meters of Water Each Year.
  • 6. 60% of Clothes Are Made With Plastic-based Materials.
  • 7. 80% of Apparel is Made by Young Women Between the Ages of 18 and 24.
  • 8. The European Union is Moving to Tackle Fast Fashion Industries.
  • 9. 59% of All Sustainability Claims by European Fashion Brands Are Inaccurate and Misleading.
  • 10. More than USD$500 Billion Are Lost from Lack of Recycling and Clothing Underutilisation.

There are five primary types of fashion design:

  • Haute Couture.
  • Luxury Fashion.
  • Ready-to-wear Fashion.
  • Economy Fashion.
  • Fast Fashion.

5 principle of fashion desing are:

  • 1. Rhythm
  • 2. Proportion
  • 3. Emphasis
  • 4. Unity
  • 5. Balance

5 benefits of fashion are:

  • 1. Fashion Makes First Impression of a Person
  • 2. Fashion Saves Your Time
  • 3. Puts a Smile on Your Face
  • 4. Always make Sure to Stay Relevant
  • 5. Fashion Builds Your Confidence Level

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